What am I eating?

Now I’ve accumulated a few recipes, I decided to put an index together to make them easier to find. (Slight disclaimer that the odd one or two of these posts actually contain a link to someone else’s recipe rather than the recipe itself, but most are my own versions.) And a second disclaimer is that some of my recipes are lacking in quantities, because they’re a bit made up! I’ll try to remember to add them in as I go along…

Breakfast recipes:
Banana pancakes
Creamy saffron kedgeree
Instant frozen yoghurt
Home made fruity fibre cereal
Scotch egg
Buckwheat pancakes

Lunch/light recipes:
Broccoli soup
Fennel slaw (scroll down to the bottom)
Courgette fritters
Carrot and coriander soup with roasted kale
Hot mackerel bap
French galettes

Scallops with black pudding, parma ham & pea puree
Prawn cocktail salad

Main meals:
Satay chicken made with almond butter
Courgette spaghetti
Brazil nut carbonara
Puy lentils with baked squash and prosciutto
Southern fried (buttermilk) chicken
Toad in the hole

Yorkshire pudding

Raw brownie
Flourless choclolate cake
Coeliac mince pies
Peanut butter cookies
Mini puds

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