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Courgette spaghetti (pasta schmasta)

IMG_1856.JPGHaving been a pasta snob, I’m yet to find a gluten free version I find acceptable, so this is a great, and very healthy, substitute. And guess what – it doesn’t all stick together in the pan like GF pasta does. It’s also quick to cook and it’s a one pot dish. What’s not to love?

This has been an autumnal favourite for hubby and I, and I’ve finally got round to taking a snap of it. We usually manage to grow a fair few courgettes in the garden (novice veg grower, starting with the easy stuff) and this makes great use of them.

I have a julienne peeler that makes light work of creating courgette spaghetti (I’ve heard it called courgetti but that grates on me!) or you can use a mandolin and a knife for more of a linguine shape.

So, to make this, slice an onion and while it is softening in olive oil, julienne four small courgettes. Add a little veg stock to the softened onions (1/4 pint-ish) and when it’s reduced a bit, the courgettes can go in. Once they’ve wilted, add in some chopped smoked salmon, double cream, dill and lots of black pepper. Thicken with cornflour & water if necessary. Serve with a generous helping of Parmesan, and preferably a large glass of white – or in my case, fizzy water seeing as it’s only Tuesday.

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