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Fast food – prawn cocktail 

We had a perfect avocado in the fridge on Tuesday. Everyone knows how small the window of opportunity is in between unripe and completely brown.

So we opted for a retro prawn cocktail for lunch, which was rather delicious. I tend to keep a bag of prawns in the freezer, as they’re great to lob in with some pasta for the kids, stir fries, curries or for BBQing when the weather is better.

We made our own Marie Rose sauce using Hellmann’s mayonnaise* and Heinz Ketchup**, in about equal measures, with some smoked paprika to season.

Sliced avocado, some salad leaves and a quick blast in a frying pan for the prawns. And it only took about 5 mins.


*Although no mention is made on their website, Hellmann’s features in the Coeliac UK directory as being suitable for coeliacs.

**Heinz’s website says they are on their way to “designate all our gluten free products as such”, which is good to hear!

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