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Ice cream for breakfast!


 So, my attention-grabbing headline is slightly misleading – it’s actually frozen yoghurt. But it’s pure genius. It takes literally seconds to make and is such a treat for breakfast it feels like it should be bad for you, but it’s really healthy. 

All I did is blend a single portion of frozen fruit with natural yoghurt in my mini whizzer and added some toppings. Fresh yoghurt + frozen fruit = frozen yoghurt.

The first picture is some frozen berries and natural yoghurt topped with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of seeds. These were budget frozen berries from the supermarket, so they were a bit tart and needed the sweetening honey. But when they’ve all gone I’ll be using fresh berries, which are coming into season. 

 The second picture is frozen banana and natural yoghurt topped with blueberries, strawberry and seeds. This makes a much sweeter frozen yoghurt. (N.B. You do need to peel and chop the banana before you put it in the freezer.)

I think it’s the perfect summer breakfast.

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