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Toad in the hole!

Having been coeliac for several years now, toad in the hole was something I’ve never been able to get right. I always seemed to end up with stodgy, un-risen batter, even when using a recipe that works for mini Yorkshire puddings.

Yesterday, however, I cracked it! I made the best one yet, using some lovely local GF sausages from Moss Valley Fine Meats, and a fantastic Yorkshire pud recipe from blogger Coeliac Sanctuary, which can be found here.

The batter uses just cornflour, egg and milk, but there are a couple of tricks you need to know to make this work. Firstly, rest the batter in the fridge for an hour before using. I found it started to separate out a bit, so it needed a good mix before adding to the pan.

Secondly, when the batter and sausages look ready, turn off the oven and leave them in there for another five minutes, to help make sure the Yorkshire pudding batter is cooked through and doesn’t collapse when you take it out of the oven.

The recipe is also obviously great for doing regular Yorkies in a muffin tin.

My gravy was left over from our Sunday roast and it went really well with the toad in the hole.


Now I just need to solve croissants and malt loaf, and we’re there…


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