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Yorkshire puds

I’ve been experimenting with a recipe for gluten free Yorkshire puddings and managed to create a recipe that I think replicates the texture very well, albeit without much of a rise. They look a bit more like concave buns but they taste great.

They’re really simple to make because you just lob all of the ingredients in a blender. Give them a good whizz together and pour the batter into smoking hot oil – I use groundnut. The mixture yields 12 puds made in a bun tin. I have plans to test it out as toad in the hole…

35g Gram flour
35g Rice flour
30g Corn flour
1 egg
200ml milk

Bake for 20 mins or so at 230C.

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire puds

  1. Hi, I just found your blog! I live near Sheffield and have been sourcing my gluten-free plain flours (like white rice flour, brown rice flour, etc.) online having them shipped. Where do you get yours from? I was hoping to find someplace local.


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