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Creamy saffron kedgeree

IMG_0028We love a good breakfast in my house. On lazy weekend mornings hubby and I love to sit with a big mug of coffee and indulge in a nice hearty breakfast, to ring the changes from our midweek cereal scoffing. I was looking for interesting brunch recipes for over Christmas, when I came across this lovely creamy saffron kedgeree by James Martin for BBC Good Food.

I’ve never made or really eaten kedgeree before but this seems to be a particularly indulgent recipe. I particularly like the sieved (boiled) egg yolks, which the kids loved sprinkling on – so pleasingly small. And the saffron infusion is a lovely touch. It’s not something to be made in a rush, but it makes a delicious, filling brunch. The leftovers reheat nicely too.

The first time, I used garam masala instead of mild curry powder, but this got a fair bit spicier when I reheated it, much to the shock of my six year old! I invested in some mild curry powder to make it the second time, but I think it can take a little bit more than the recipe suggests, if you like spice.

Thanks James. šŸ™‚

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