Sheffield gluten free makers

It’s time for a new page! I’ve pulled together the local businesses selling home made gluten free cakes and bakes. If you know of any others, let me know and I can add them below. They’re in alphabetical order.

Cafe Creme

Gluten free and dairy free postal cakes and brownies, based in Penistone. Also available on subscription! Or by collection from their shop.


Chris is a professional baker who was diagnosed with coeliac disease a few years ago. As well as running a cafe in Greenhill, he makes celebration cakes and other goodies.

Delicious Alchemy

Award winning, Sheffield-based gluten free cake and bread mixes, cereals and porridges. They have an online shop but not a physical one, unfortunately, which makes it a bit difficult for us Sheffielders to get behind them. They can be found at the Allergy and Free From Shows. I’m not quite sure which shops stock their products.

It’s All About Eco

Not a maker, but this is a new refill shop in Dore village that is run by a lady who’s gluten free. So you can get zero waste refills of gluten free pasta, porridge oats and baking ingredients alongside the usual detergents etc.

Kilners Cakes Holmesfield

This lady makes gluten free celebration cakes and her husband has coeliac disease so definitely up to speed on cross contamination

Magpie’s Secret

Gluten free treats including cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate mix. Mail order of some items weekly, but also does special orders e.g. celebration cakes. See my review.

Sarah’s GF Treats

I’ve been meaning to look at this one, but now I have, the website says she’s having a break, unfortunately. Hopefully back up and running soon.

The Suited Baker

Artisan Gluten free and vegan bakery selling breads, bagels, doughnuts. They used to have a shop up at Manor but I think since the beginning of 2022, they are only doing markets locally. Sounds like they have plans to do more later in the year…

Yay! Flapjacks

Gluten free and vegan fully loaded flapjacks, but also doughnuts, cookies and biscuits. They have a shop on Abbeydale Road but you can also order online for collection or delivery. I’ve bought from here and they were great if you have a very sweet tooth! But I lost the photos and didn’t manage to get a blog done.