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The hot mackerel bap – featuring Genius soft white rolls

We all know that making butties can be a pain with gluten free bread – sliced loaves are generally crumbly, so only good for toast. I often use sandwich thins, particularly for nine year old’s packed lunches, as they are a sensible size.

I came across these Genius soft white rolls in Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago – are they new? I don’t remember seeing them before. I was surprised to find that when I gave them a bit of a squeeze, they did indeed feel soft, so I thought I’d give them a try.

I  have to say, I was really impressed – I used them to make hot mackerel* baps, which just wouldn’t be right on a sandwich thin. They are super easy to make, once you’ve tweezed all the bones out from the mackerel fillets. The fish just needs to be pan fried for a few minutes each side in a little oil, until the skin is crispy and the fish cooked through.

The kids loved them, although they had to ask what a bap was! Fresh cooked mackerel is so soft and sweet, it’s delicious – and a great way of getting an extra portion of oily fish with it’s omega 3 oils. We ate them with lashings of tartare sauce and the kids had ketchup on theirs. The bread held together really well and had a good texture.

I don’t tend to buy many Genius products as their sliced loaves are frequently full of holes – although their spicy fruit loaf is excellent and never really has holes in. So I don’t know if Genius have changed their recipe, but I will definitely buy these again.


*Without wanting to be preachy, please ensure your mackerel is from a sustainable source by buying fish with the Marine Stewardship Council certification. This page has good information about which supermarkets are sourcing the most sustainable fish.

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