Gluten Free Sheffield – eating out

These are the good gluten free food places I know about in Sheffield. I’m sure there are others. It’s constantly evolving as places close and new places open – particularly after the Covid lockdowns, the scene has changed a fair bit. Please feel free to add any other recommendations in the comments. And if you’d like to send in a review of anywhere, please get in touch.

Please note: Menus and owners of restaurants and cafes change, so it’s worth checking gluten free credentials and cross contamination procedures whenever you go anywhere. This is a personal guide rather than a definitive list, and some of the entries are now a couple of years old!

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33 thoughts on “Gluten Free Sheffield – eating out

  1. Hi pasta bar on sharrow vale road does home made gluten free pasta the best gluten free pasta I’ve had yet and I’m vegan and they created a sauce not on any menu just for me family run very friendly ring and book in advance so they know to make your pasta


  2. Thanks for the website, I’m useless at passing on my GF tips. Could you add the Peacock at Owler Bar? Although it’s a chain, the choice is good and separate fryers etc give confidence. The Wheatsheaf at Baslow also has separate menu and fryer. sometimes you just need chips…! The Inn @ Troway was pretty good as well but not eaten there for a while so perhaps best to check out, nothing much on the w/site so Peacock a better bet.


    • Hi cc. Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad you like the site. I’ll do a bit of research and next time I update the page, I’ll add in your suggestions.
      For now, they will at least be in the comments. 🙂
      I went to the Peacock but it was ages ago, and possibly before I was diagnosed. Wheatsheaf sounds good – I’ll have to check it out. I agree about the chips – so rare it’s a big treat!


  3. I see you’ve not missed Made by Jonty.. Jonty made me 2 whole cakes for my 30th in September. They were amazing, best gluten free cakes!!
    Also add Steel City Cakes on Abbeydale Road, they dont always have a huge gf choice so i havent had chance to try any…
    love Steeliacs, Great Idea! 🙂

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  4. Great list! I’m looking forward to adding some new haunts to the list (I’m especially excited at the prospect of being able to eat Chinese again!!).

    I’d add to the list:

    Aagrahs – Town Centre – Indian restaurant in Leopold Square where dish that AREN’T gluten free are marked on the menu. great tasting food.

    The Grouse – above grindleford and not far from Fox House – lovely down-to-earth and welcoming pub with good portion sizes and nice food. gluten free options and the chefs seem to be aware.

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  5. Sunshine pies based in the moor market Thursday, Friday and Saturday do a selection of homemade gluten free meat and veggie pies. We make to order and can also deliver.we are also on fargate until Christmas eve 2015!

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  6. Maazi at Hathersage is a fabulous, quality Indian restaurant and almost all (1 lamb dish excluded) of their main dishes are GF! The food and environment of the place are very well matched, it’s the old Walnut Club venue. Excellent.


    • Hi we are a small family run business in Sheffield that provides a large selection of Gluten Free and Dairy Free Meat and Vegetarian. Pies, savoury Rolls, Pasties and Scotch Eggs. We have level 5 environmental Health nd our hone kitchen I used purely for preparing GF Products. We offer traditional pies also but have a separate kitchen we use for that. At present we are doing a local Pie Day Friday Delivery Service in Sheffield for all our GF Products. Min spend £25.00 all pies and rolls are freeze able for up to 3 months. scotch Eggs have Three day Fridge Shelf life. If you want to sample our wares I ll pop up to meet you for a pie try. We also are hopefully setting up our on line GF Sho during April. So watch this space😊 Sarah SunshinePies.Co 07510596159

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  7. Temptation Cafe in Hillsborough (right across from Hillsborough park) is lovely. Small cafe that cater to gluten free and almost always have some delicious gluten free cakes! They are also dog friendly!


  8. Another Chinese restaurant: Wong Ting on Matilda St off the Moor can do Gluten Free Dishes. The menu doesn’t indicate gluten free dishes but if you talk to the staff they can tell you if a dish is gluten free and make sure it is. They have GF soya sauce as well. I went there with friends (non-Coeliac) on a Wednesday night and they made all the dishes we ordered gluten free so we could share as normal. We rang ahead just to make sure.
    Also Appetito on Glossop Road (opposite the Barracks) has gluten free salads, pasta dishes, and sharing cheese and meat platters marked in their menu. They were also able to make me a sandwich with gluten free bread based on one of their focaccia sandwich options. This wasn’t marked on the menu but they were happy to do it and it was nice to be able to buy a sandwich with all the tasty fillings like I used to before being diagnosed.

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  9. What a great idea this is.
    Well done to all who have contributed.
    I would like to mention Rhubarb Shed Cafe, 389 Manor Lane, S2. Not been myself but reviews sound great.


  10. Thank you so much for this list, its been super helpful as Im newly diagnosed. Another place which is great is firepit rocks on west street its actually a bar but they serve food and do a LOT of GF options.


    • Hi Jessica. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad this is helpful, but I’ve no idea how many of these places have survived Covid and are re-opening. Great to hear about Firepit Rocks – I’ll have a look at it when I can. 🙂


  11. Hellooooo!

    Looking for coeliac Sunday roast recommendations – preferably one which doesn’t entail having half of the roast removed but the price remaining the same!

    Thank you for putting together this amazing website – so useful and well thought out!!


    • Hi Sophie. Thanks for the message. Roast dinner out is really tricky as it’s so disappointing when they just don’t give you the best bits!
      However, there is a great place in Barnsley (it’s definitely worth the drive) that’s almost 100% gluten free called Bistro in the Barn – they do fabulous Yorkshire puds as well. I’ve reviewed it but can’t link to it from here. So if you have a look on the Gluten Free Sheffield – eating out page, under Barnsley, you’ll find it. I’ve had a quick look on the website and they are open again after lockdown, which is great!


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