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Restaurant review: Rajdhani

We took the boys to the Rajdhani curry house in the old train station building at Dore and Totley the other week. It was fun to get off the train and go straight into the restaurant. The restaurant was fairly quiet, as we went for an early tea as soon as the doors were opened, but one of the other tables seemed to be regulars, which has to be a good sign.

We brought our own poppadoms with us, which the waiters were sort of ok with us eating, especially when we ordered some more for the gluten eaters along with a pickle tray! And I have to say, this was one of the best pickle trays I’ve ever had!

Normally on a pickle tray, there’s mango chutney, raita and onion salad, and then some super spicy dips that blow my head off. There was a super spicy lime pickle, but there were also two really interesting dips: a curried tomato salsa and a smoky, spicy mango chutney. Quite different flavours and a welcome change.

For our main course, we ordered mild dishes as we were with the kids (from a specific mild section on the menu). We went for the ubiquitous chicken tikka masala and a Badami chicken, which is made with pistachios and cream. (I’d normally have gone for something like a lamb saag or a biryani.) I also ordered a side of aubergine,  one of my favourites, and a tarka daal, which is a necessity.

The main meals looked lovely – great colours and well presented; really fresh looking. The boys loved both of the curries, and although they were a little sweet for me, there was plenty of meat in them and the sauces were flavourful. But the daal and brinjal bhaji (aubergine) were delicious.

We left happy and full. This is a nice little restaurant with an added bonus of views of the trains passing through the station. I’ll definitely be back for some more of that pickle tray, and maybe a more adventurous curry next time…

Rajdhani, Dore and Totley Station, Abbeydale Road South S17 3LB

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