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GF Chippy: Stanwood Friery

Thank you to Emily Lovewell for this review. Looking at their Facebook page, Stanwood Friery seem to have a few comments in praise of their gluten free offer, which is great. 🙂

When we discovered our son was coeliac we started to look around for places that catered for coeliacs but also for toddlers. Living in Hillsborough we discovered a fish and chip shop in Stannington, the Stanwood Friery, that cook gluten free fish, sausage and chips.

What was better is that it’s not restricted to one day a week, it is all the time. They have a fryer kept for chips and gluten free items. When you order gluten free fish they go and get a fillet of fish and batter it with a gluten free batter to order. When it’s cooked they wrap the gluten free items first. The shop is run by a really friendly couple and it is our favourite takeaway.

Emily Lovewell


Thanks to Stanwood Friery for the photos and some pricing info below, correct as at February 2018. 🙂

  • Gluten free regular fish n chips £5.20
  • Gluten free jumbo sausage n chips £2.30
  • Gluten free curry/gravy/peas/beans 60p for small 80p for large
  • We also do G.F potato scallops / cod roe / spam fritters / onion rings etc

Stanwood Friery, 1 Stanwood Avenue, Sheffield S6 5HX

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