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Sakushi, Sheffield: Restaurant review

IMG_2163I took my boys for a half term treat to the National Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield city centre this week. They had a great time climbing in and out of the fire engines and ambulances and trying on the fire fighters’ helmets! I searched for somewhere for lunch within (the kids’) walking distance from the museum and came up with Sakushi, a great Japanese restaurant with conveyor belt sushi.

We love sushi in my family so this was an instant winner. It was five minutes’ walk from the museum, on Campo Lane. They were very happy to cope with me being coeliac and gave me confidence when they asked me to order any sushi I wanted rather than taking it from the conveyor, so they could prepare it separately. I was also provided with a bottle of gluten free tamari soy sauce.

The restaurant is typical in that it has coloured dishes which indicate the price, many of which are circulating on the conveyor, and plenty more that can be ordered from the menu. There were a variety of dishes that could be made gluten free with a few obvious exceptions, such as the tempura (a bigger gluten free choice than Yo! Sushi, I think). Prices ranged from £2 to £4, and could be a bit cheaper if you have a loyalty card (which I don’t). They do a variety of sushi, as expected, plus miso soup, noodle and rice dishes, bento boxes and plenty more.

IMG_2160I had a mixed nigiri sushi (salmon, tuna and prawn), and a delicious teriyaki beef (which I was assured could be made gluten free), as well as some of my absolute favourite crispy fish skin sushi rolls. These are amazing value as they’re always among the cheaper of the dishes, but are delicious and quite big.

The kids had a bit of sushi (some fish nigiri and the Tamago Nigiri, which is Japanese sweet omlette on sushi rice) but filled up on some teriyaki chicken noodles (not GF) which came in a cute boat shaped dish, which was a nice touch. There was more chicken than the picture shows, but my 4 year old had wolfed much of it before I took the snap.

We also shared some edamame beans, which we enjoyed popping out of their pods!

It was a really enjoyable meal, and of course, the kids were captivated by the coloured dishes on the conveyor belt. Definitely a half term treat rather than a regular lunch spot, but I would recommend it.

Happy holidays!

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