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Pieminister gluten free pies

We had a lovely meal testing out these Pieminister gluten free pies. One was chicken, leek, ham and thyme (Ranger), and the other was a vegetarian pie containing goats’ cheese, sweet potato and spinach (Heidi).


What’s to say? Once heated, the pastry was excellent – lovely and crunchy round the top edge and not remotely crumbly. They were very easy to split in half and kept their shape.

The fillings of both were generous and full of flavour. A slight tang from the goats’ cheese in the Heidi Pie, and some lovely big chunks of chicken in the Ranger. Clearly quality ingredients. Overall, very enjoyable indeed.

Size-wise, it felt slightly greedy eating a full size pie (we each had two halves) but half a pie wouldn’t be enough, unless you’re a light eater. Which I’m not!

Pies and pasties are something I’ve really missed. I have made my own on occasion but the pastry has always been substandard. So I found these very satisfying and great for a hearty midweek tea with a big pile of veg.

Pieminister also make a gluten free steak and ale pie. Next time…

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