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Amaro Lounge

I had a tip off about a new place called Amaro last week, which has a gluten free menu. So when our plans fell through on Friday and the kids were away for the night, we decided to pop down and give it a try – and it turned out to have only been open a couple of days.

Amaro is part of the Lounge chain, which, from what I can gather, is about hanging out, drinks, food and eccentric interiors with old fashioned photos. Fine by me, as long as there’s a gluten free option – I’m not too picky. Lounge’s food policy is “everyone welcome” with an emphasis on making sure their gluten free and vegan menu aren’t second best. So good news on the free from front.

As it was Friday, I treated myself to a cocktail (Prosecco and passionfruit martini) whilst we browsed the menu.

There are salads, sandwiches, burgers, tapas and some main courses on the menu – so plenty to choose from. I went for buttermilk chicken (unusual gluten free offer, but I was reassured about them using a separate fryer) with fries and slaw, and a a side of tenderstem broccoli with chilli and garlic.

It came fairly quickly and tasted great, with a good crispy coating on the chicken. My only comment would be that the broccoli portion was a bit small (3 pieces so almost £1 a stem), but overall it was very enjoyable.

We shared a dark chocolate orange tart for dessert, which is on offer alongside the ubiquitous chocolate brownie and a couple of sundae options. The tart was lovely and rich, and could only really have been improved with a dollop of cream.

Lounge also do some interesting brunch options, which I’m tempted to go back and try at some point. Gluten free breakfast out is usually a bit disappointing, so it’s refreshing to see some creativity on this menu. Chorizo and halloumi hash, Halloumi and sweetcorn pancake, and the Avocado brunch all sound great. And the hash browns are gluten free – winner!

Looking on their website, there’s also another branch in Stocksbridge called Zorro, which I imagine would have the same menu.

Amaro, 519 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PR
Zorro, 6 Fox Valley, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 2AE

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