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Tilda rice & beans

Another short post this week! (I need to get out more…)

Tilda have a range of single portion, pre-cooked pulses and rice sachets, which are great for a quick lunch for work. They only take a minute or so in the microwave and are nicely flavoured. There are several flavours, all of which are gluten free:

  • Pinto bean with green chilli and lime
  • Split pea, green chilli and coriander
  • Edamame, spring onion and wasabi
  • Chickpea, harissa and lemon
  • Black bean, jerk and coconut

My favourite so far has been the pinto bean one, but I’ve not yet tried them all. I like the sound of Black bean, jerk and coconut.

They would also be great with a piece of fish and a handful of salad for a quick tea. They are priced at about £1.40 and are available in plenty of supermarkets. A welcome addition to the convenience range

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