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Nairn’s black pepper crackers

I was pleased to pick these Nairn’s black pepper crackers up from the supermarket. (Sainsbury’s, I think, although I couldn’t be 100% sure!) The crackers don’t seem to have appeared on their website yet.

Quite often, I find gluten free crackers can be a bit bland, and we usually have a stash of oatcakes in the cupboard. We are quite big cheese fans, and I had a special smoked cheddar in the fridge that I thought might go rather well with these beauties.

In fact, they went better with a hunk of Wensleydale and cranberries, as the pepper flavour offset the sweetness of the cheese really nicely. The pepper comes through at the end and leaves you with a lovely warm mouth. I think they would probably suit a soft goat’s cheese, too, or a topping of tuna mayo for lunch.

As with their oatcakes, the crackers come wrapped in pouches of five, which means they keep well. They are also Coeliac UK accredited with the crossed grain symbol, for added confidence.

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