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Gluten free in Sheffield: What’s coming up?

There are a few gluten related events coming up in Sheffield over the next month or so:

Thurs 21 April, 6pm – Gluten Attack talk

As part of Sheffield University’s Life: Festival of Health, renowned Hallamshire gastroenterologist Professor Sanders will be doing a talk about his new book, Gluten Attack. See the link above to book tickets.

Fri 22nd April, 7.30pm

BBC2’s documentary Food Detectives (episode 2) will be investigating the current gluten free food trend. This programme includes the results of the gluten free trial carried out in Sheffield earlier this year. 

Mon 9th May – Silversmiths Gluten free banquet

7 courses of pure gluten free fine dining in one of Sheffield’s best restaurants, as part of Coeliac Awareness Week. The menu looks rather fine and I think the tables will get booked up quickly.

28-30th May – Sheffield Food Festival

I heard that Howard Middleton of Great British Bake Off fame will be doing a talk about gluten free baking at 3pm on the Sunday

A number of the food retailers appearing at the festival are also promoting gluten free food on the Food Festival pages:

  • Fancy An Indian (Indian snack box)
  • Fro by Joy (frozen coconut yoghurt)
  • SLAAW (salad bowls)



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