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Product Review: Bionita Gluten Free Gnocchi

IMG_2989I can’t remember the last time I looked at Twitter and didn’t find post advertising Bionita’s gluten free gnocchi at the top of my feed. It’s a tireless campaign. But I do like gnocchi and after initially swearing not to because I was fed up with the sight of it, I eventually succumbed to the marketing and ordered some with my online shopping.

I have to say, it was good! Tea is always a bit rushed on Wednesday nights as hubby tends to go out riding his bike in the evening so there’s not much time to make a meal after work. So this was a pretty perfect solution. The gnocchi cooks in a few minutes, then once drained, I added some freshly chopped sage from the garden, extra virgin olive oil and lashings of pepper and parmesan. Plain and simple, as it should be – lovely.


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