Coeliac / Things that would only happen to a coeliac

Things that would only happen to a coeliac #5

IMG_3286Last weekend some friends and I organised a Halloween party for about 18 families in our village. We hired out a local village hall and had a great time with everybody dressing up, including the grown-ups. Lots of games, dancing, a pumpkin competition and plenty of halloween treats.

I volunteered to be in charge of the main food, as we’d decided to make everybody a hot dog – giving people a choice of an actual hot dog* or a proper, decent “sausage dog”**. So that involved about 75 lovely and soft hot dog rolls and one (less soft!) gluten free sub roll for me. I found myself in the rather ironic position of preparing and serving all that bread, but managed to keep my little sub roll safe from the crumbs until the all the other sausages and hot dogs were sent out.

I have some wonderful friends, who are more than happy to accommodate me, but with all of those crumbs about, I’m not sure I could have trusted anybody else but myself!

* Don’t get me started on the ingredient of these – they’re barely food!
** Made with lovely, good quality gluten free sausages

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