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Product Review: Ilumi Noodle Pots

IMG_3085I was very kindly sent some of the new Ilumi Noodle Pots to test out. Hubby and I have had fun sampling them over the last couple of days and my cooking time has been much reduced!

Asian flavoured noodle pots seem all the rage these days, and as rice noodles really lend themselves to gluten free recipes, for once us coeliacs don’t have to miss out.

The noodle pots are super convenient for when you haven’t got time to make lunch, or need a light meal in a rush. You only need to boil the kettle and wait four minutes for the noodles to cook and the sauce to thicken. You can eat them straight out of the pot, but as we were at home, we had ours in a bowl.

IMG_3087Ilumi have created 4 flavours: Tom Yum Gai, Singapore Style, Vietnamese Style Beef Pho and Sweet Chilli. All are given a “one chilli” spice rating, except for the Sweet Chilli pot, which has a “2 chilli rating”, so it is a bit spicier, but don’t be put off by that – it won’t blow your head off.

On the left, you can see the Beef Pho at the top of the picture and the Singapore at the bottom. The portion of noodles is very generous and nicely filling.

My favourite was the Singapore Style, as it had a nice, spicy oriental curry broth with it, that had thickened and coated the noodles slightly. Hubby preferred the Beef Pho, which had a strong beefy broth.

These noodles are very competitively priced at £1.75 in Asda, compared to the Kabuto and Itsu noodles, which retail closer to the £2 mark.

One thought – Perhaps Ilumi could make these a bit more eco friendly and swap the plastic inner tub for a more sturdy cardboard one?

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