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Craft & Dough


A trip to Kelham Island for history, beer and pizza seemed like a perfect Fathers’ Day outing. We spent a couple of hours looking round the fantastic Kelham Island Museum with my parents and the kids, finding out about Sheffield’s industrial heritage. We even managed to time it so we were able to watch the big steam engine in action. Then we strolled across the street to Craft & Dough for a hearty meal.

I had originally assumed from the name that a place specialising in craft beer and artisan pizza would not be for me, but I was very wrong! I booked based on seeing a photo of a coeliac friend eating an amazing looking pizza here, so I was very excited to come.

Craft & Dough is an independent restaurant with two branches in Sheffield (the other is on Campo Lane in the town centre). The staff were knowledgeable about gluten and reassuring that measures were taken to avoid cross contamination. The gluten free pizza bases were excellent. Between the three gluten free-ers, we ordered a mushroom pizza, a Hendo’s and goats cheese pizza (which also had leeks, balsamic red onions and pumpkin seeds) and a tandoori chicken pizza. I’m not normally one for cuisine culture clash, but I was really drawn to the tandoori chicken pizza and it hit the spot – the spicing was just right for a pizza, and with the combination of raita and coriander it was really delicious.

Most of the pizza toppings are gluten free, but there’s the odd thing you can’t have, including Nduja sausage, and a couple of quirky ones such as Bombay mix and Frazzles. Still, plenty to choose from, and none of your usual Hawaiian or tuna and sweetcorn pizzas – these are all interesting flavours. Unfortunately the GF toppings aren’t specified on the menu, but the staff were very helpful.

We were also able to eat the chips, which is always a nice treat – these also come with various toppings, although the ‘filthy fries’ toppings had to be slightly changed to make it suitable. We even tried some halloumi fries, which were divine.

We ordered far too much food and had to take some home in pizza boxes. I was most impressed when the waitress clearing the table said she’d clear the gluten and non gluten remains separately to avoid cross contamination in the take out boxes. Spot on – thank you!

On the beer front, there is a bottled Estrella Daura available, but no craft ales as far as I could tell. There is also a decent range of wine, gin and cocktails, but as it was Fathers’ day, I was on driving duty. Next time, I’ll definitely indulge!

Craft & Dough, 1A Kelham Square, Kelham Island, Sheffield S3 8RY
Also at 44 Campo Lane, Sheffield S1 2EG

8 thoughts on “Craft & Dough

  1. I was really excited to try this restaurant after reading this fantastic review.

    I contacted them directly to double check their cross-contamination measures, but I really disappointed when they advised me that their food was in fact not Coeliac friendly:

    “Unfortunately, I would not say that our restaurant & kitchen are suitable for someone with coeliac disease.

    Whilst we always take the utmost care when guests alert us to allergies, the risk of cross contamination in our kitchens is high due to the amount of flour we use, and for someone with more than an allergy, this could potentially be a real issue.

    Our fryers are also not gluten free.

    I appreciate that this might be disappointing, but it’s important that we’re honest before you arrive.”

    Although I was grateful for their honesty, it has made me definitely double check places beforehand incase procedures have changed since reviews were published.


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