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We went out for a lovely dinner for two to celebrate my birthday. I’ve been wanting to eat at Akentannos for a while, but it’s somewhere worth saving for a special occasion.

Akentannos is a small Sardinian restaurant on Sharrow Vale Road, although it’s about to get bigger as they are currently knocking through into what I think was the old post office next door. So, exciting times for them!

This is one of those little gems of places where the chef is gluten free, so you can have confidence there will be options and they understand how to prepare gluten free food. And that means you can relax, which is great. There isn’t a separate gluten free menu. There doesn’t need to be as GF dishes are marked on the main menu, and they account for about 95% of what’s available.

We shared two starters, which were goat proscuitto (on the left), served with fig, pecorino, rocket, walnuts, balsamic and lavender honey. On the right is the baked goats cheese, which comes with asparagus, courgettes, aubergines, potatoes and spring onions. Both were delicious, and looked fantastic. Simple but delicious ingredients.

So quite a goaty starter, but not on purpose. If you’re interested, the goat proscuitto tasted pretty similar to regular proscuitto, but it came in lovely big pieces.

For main course, I ended up going for traditional Sardinian suckling pig, which was, predictably, rather a meat feast. It was served with rosemary potatoes and a gluten free flat bread (!) The meat was beautiful, although it did need some veg for variety of flavour, so we ended up ordering some to go with it. Hubby’s duck came with spring onions, a port wine sauce and dolcelatte cheese, with a generous serving of mash. These dishes are not for the faint hearted!

There are a few gluten free options for dessert, but most are ice cream based. Next time I will definitely try the intriguing gluten free Sardinian biscuits or the Sardinian cheese board.

We were impressed with the food and the service at Akentannos. The staff are all very passionate about working there, which was lovely to see. I’m looking forward to going back, so we’re going to have to find something else to celebrate!

Akentannos, 270 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield S11 8ZH 

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