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Gluten free hash browns

I rarely eat breakfast or brunch out as I consider it to be the most hazardous and least satisfying meal to eat out. I find it much harder to come to terms with watching people eat thick door wedges of toast or soft English muffins than I do with other meals, for some reason.

So I like to mix it up a bit with the weekend brunch at home. I tend to make pancakes or waffles, or occasionally a cooked breakfast. I was very pleased to come across these Aviko gluten free hash browns on a recent trawl of my online supermarket.


They were great with a few slices of gluten free black pudding from the Bury Black Pudding Co, a bit of scramble and, to make it all feel a bit more nutritious, some baby tomatoes with spinach. (Half and pan fry baby plum tomatoes in olive oil with salt and plenty of black pepper, then wilt some spinach in at the end – delicious.)


I’ve just had a look and it turns out there are quite a few brands of hash browns out there. According to the Coeliac UK food checker app, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco’s own brand hash browns are safe to eat, as well as a number of brands including McCain and Lamb Weston. I’ve never heard of Lamb Weston but they make hash browns in a surprising array of shapes, including triangles, ovals, rounds, mini rounds and ‘stix’! Who knew?

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