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Restaurant review: La Vaca, Broomhill

We went out with some friends for an unexpected treat recently to make the most of a child free night. (Our boys were living it up in Skegness, camping with the grandparents – everybody wins!)

At the suggestion of our friends, we went to try out La Vaca in Broomhill, which is a Southern American Steak House. The restaurant was a bit quiet, but it was a Wednesday evening. I can imagine when it’s busy and the open charcoal grill is sizzling along to some Latino music, it’s probably got a lot of atmosphere. However, it made for some very attentive service and food that arrived promptly.

img_6184The menu, which I checked out beforehand, has gluten free options marked on clearly. There are a few GF options for starters, and we opted to share some Anticuchos (beef and chorizo skewers), and the Duo de Ceviche.

The skewers (at the back of the photo) are self explanatory – they were very tasty; the ceviche is salmon, cod and prawn cured in citrus and served chilled. Not something I have very often, although I have made ceviche once in the past for a friend who I later discovered was allergic to lime so didn’t eat it. Whoops!

We had 2 portions of the skewers and one portion of the ceviche between four of us, and it was plenty to whet our appetites.

For mains we had steak, of course. We all had an 8 oz steak, which was plenty even for the guys. I have no idea how people manage the bigger cuts, which start from 16oz! Most of us had the ribeye, but I went for a sirloin, and it was excellent. Nicely medium rare and with an assortment of side dishes.

Fourteen out of seventeen side dishes are marked as gluten free, so we had plenty to choose from. Ours were chips, sauteed potatotes, warm chick pea and feta salad, tomato and red onion salad, and baked tomatoes with garlic and basil. All were lovely, although I would have preferred the sautees to be crispier. (We were assured the chips were cooked separately, so are gluten free.)

There are non-steak main courses available, which include a larger portion of the skewers we had to start, seared tuna steak, grilled halloumi with quinoa salad and stuffed mushrooms – so plenty to choose from.

I have no idea about desserts, as they aren’t on the main menu and we were all too stuffed to fit in anything else!

La Vaca, 477-479 Glossop Road, Broomhill, Sheffield S10 2QE


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