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The Light Cinema – gluten free food options

We went to see Dunkirk at the fabulous new The Light Cinema on The Moor in Sheffield. The experience in the cinema was really good: big reclining seats, tables in between the chairs for drinks, and plenty of space.

We didn’t have time for food but I checked out the eating options whilst I was waiting to go in.

The food in the cinema itself isn’t ideal for coeliacs – all waffles and hotdogs. There are, of course, the usual array of movie snacks available, including Joe&Seph’s gourmet popcorn that is labelled gluten free.

Accessible from the main foyer are currently three restaurants, Pizza Express, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Zizzi, with what I gather to be a Nando’s on the way.

Pizza Express, we know to be very reliable for coeliacs, with its Coeliac UK accreditation, great gluten free pizza bases and now they even sell gluten free dough balls. Strangely, I’ve never reviewed it, although I thought I had; it’s an easy and reliable place to take the kids.

Zizzi initially looked good for gluten free. It has a separate “non-gluten” menu, available on the website. However, on closer inspection I noticed lots of the dishes are asterisked to show they have components that are fried or boiled with glutenny ingredients. Missing the point a bit there… or maybe aiming at gluten free “lifestylers”. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen also looked good, but I was less than impressed when I found their gluten free menu had no fries in the “Fries and Sides” section of the menu… because they aren’t gluten free! Umm, so maybe just call it “Sides”?!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 19.21.42

I wasn’t happy when I spoke to a staff member about this issue and she responded “It depends how coeliac you are.” So I don’t think I’ll be rushing back there.

So, Pizza Express is the clear winner for gluten free food at The Light in Sheffield for now. But with the forthcoming Nando’s and three more outlets to come, hopefully we’ll end up with more choice…



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