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Cello cafe, Greenhill

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Chris Badham, the chef/owner of Cello cafe in Greenhill, who’s recently been diagnosed coeliac. Which means, of course, that he’s got an excellent understanding of safe catering for coeliacs, so his cafe should be a really great place to go!

The cafe doesn’t have a website, but has rave reviews on Facebook with regards to the food, staff and atmosphere.

Cello serves a range of savoury and sweet gluten free food (including 2 cakes), in addition to their normal range. They also run bistro nights once or twice a month.

I’m looking forward to checking this place out soon…

Cello, 212 Bocking Lane, Greenhill, Sheffield S8 7BP



4 thoughts on “Cello cafe, Greenhill

  1. Ohh I’ll check it out! It makes SUCH a difference when a chef/owner/family of the establishment has coeliac too – the level of understanding gives me so much more confidence!


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