Coeliac / Family

A new phase

We’re embarking on a new phase in our gluten free journey, as boy #1 is trying out being gluten free for a while, to see if it helps his tummy symptoms.

About six months ago, #1 was discharged from the children’s gastro clinic with the consultant happy that he didn’t have coeliac’s disease (without having had a gastroscopy). Evidently he didn’t present in a standard way, but then neither did I, as I had to have two gastroscopies before my consultant diagnosed me. Instances of tummy ache have been pretty much daily over the holidays and I’ve had it in mind for a while to try him on a¬†gluten free diet over summer, while I have more control of what he’s eating.

It may lead a bit of a dilemma though: If the diet relieves the symptoms, we’ll have to decide whether to ask for another referral and try to get as far as a gastroscopy this time, which will involve the dreaded gluten challenge and more terrifying (to him) bloods, or just not bother. I’m not sure how important a diagnosis is for a 7 year old. Obviously there’s the advantage of prescriptions, but I’m sure they’ll be phased out before he’s old enough to buy his own food. For a special diet at school, I know they would need proof, but I’d probably rather send him with safe packed lunches anyway.

The thought of kids’ parties and eating at friends’ houses worries me a lot, and I feel sad about the easy lifestyle and fun foods he’ll miss out on.

But we’re not there yet as this is just a test. I have very mixed feelings about it, as I desperately want to stop his tummy aches etc, but I just don’t want him to be coeliac.

I guess we’ll have a good idea in a few weeks…

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