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Product Review: Bfree Fajita kit

IMG_3314I’ve never been big into convenience foods, but I did used to enjoy buying a fajita dinner kit back in the day. Since being coeliac, I have even found myself wishing someone would make one. It wouldn’t be that difficult to mix some spices and do it yourself, but frankly, sometimes I want a bit of convenience too! Earlier this year, my prayers were answered when I stumbled upon this in the free from aisle at my local supermarket. Yeah!

IMG_3317The lovely chaps at BFree, whose wraps I have eaten on occasion, have created their own version of the fajita dinner kit. And it’s pretty darned good too. In the box are 6 wraps, a packet of spice mix and some salsa. So you just need to cook some chicken, peppers and onion in the spice mix, heat up the wraps and away you go.

IMG_3316We’re a bit greedier than that – it is a treat, after all – so we also added grated cheese, refried beans, some spinach leaves and a dollop of soured cream. It was absolutely lovely. The spice mix and salsa combination make a nice heat, and the wraps held together as fajitas better than I expected, with minimal dribbling!

This is actually the second time I bought the kit – the first time we scoffed the lot before I got round to taking any pictures!

I can also recommend making beef fajitas. If you do, get a decent piece of steak and slice fairly thinly. Sear it in the pan then take it out while you cook the veg in the spice mix. Just before you’re ready to serve, pop the beef back in literally to warm through, for some lovely and tender, perfectly cooked beef fajitas. Delicious and warming. Perfect with a glass of Rioja.

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