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Hui Wei: Restaurant review

IMG_1912-0.PNGHui Wei, 221 Glossop Road, Sheffield S10 2GW

Hubby and I took our two boys (aged 4 and newly 6) and my mother in law to Hui Wei, which is the only Chinese I’ve come across in Sheffield that advertises gluten free food. Anglicised Chinese food really isn’t the kind of food I like to eat frequently, but it is the sort of thing I’d be secretly rather miffed about being off the menu now I’m coeliac. And it was the birthday boy’s choice in any case.

Hui Wei did really well right from the start because they have a separate gluten free menu. Psychologically, I like this, because it’s more about telling you what you can have than what you can’t, as in so many other places. And it’s infinitely better than sit there decoding the regular menu with a ringbinder full of laminated allergen sheets. There was quite a lot of choice, and many of the usual Cantonese suspects are on it.

To start, we all had chicken and sweetcorn soup. I was reminded we now live in Yorkshire, as the portions were huge! The kids loved it (once it cooled down – it’s always molten, isn’t it?) Unfortunately, I had to sit and watch everybody eat prawn crackers, which of course, aren’t on the GF menu, but it was my kiddo’s birthday, after all.

(While I’m on starters, one we had from the GF menu another time, but that I’d thoroughly recommend, was the lettuce wraps – the filling is deliciously moreish, and because the wraps are made from lettuce, they don’t fill you up too much.)

For mains, we had chicken sweet and sour (well, you have to, don’t you?), king prawns with cashews, scallops with broccoli, and some egg fried rice. It was all lovely, and plenty for 3 grown ups and two tiddlers.

The service was friendly and reasonably prompt. The boys enjoyed watching the starry lights in the ceiling change colour in between courses, and they loved sitting in a private C-shaped booth.

The kids had some lovely Movenpick icecream for dessert, but I didn’t find out if that was GF, as I was too full to eat anything else! A lovely birthday meal. 🙂

No photo – silly me – so the pic on my main page is off their website.

5 thoughts on “Hui Wei: Restaurant review

  1. MY daughter has celiac disease I do a lot of cooking for her to make sure that she has good meals now my grandson has just been diagnosed with it at age 13yrs.His favourite meal is Chinese chicken curry so as you can guess im having a big problem making this .I would like to buy the curry sauce in bulk but I cant seem to find this any and advice will be greatly appreciated .thank you .Norma white .o


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  3. Thanks for the review – and the whole blog. I don’t live in Sheffield but visit family often. Hui Wei also do their gf menu as take away – call to collect or they’ll deliver, free if your order cost is high enough. I miss Chinese takeaway so much and Hui Wei fills a big gap in my gastronomic life. Try it!


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