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Things that would only happen to a coeliac: #1

I went round to a new-ish friend’s house last night for drinks. Although lovely, I get the impression she’s not going to be the accommodating kind as far as my diet is concerned.

In hindsight, I should have taken my own snacks. None of the array of crisps and chocolates looked suitable for coeliacs, so I resolved to use the opportunity to smugly avoid the extra calories. Obviously, that only lasted for a couple of glasses of wine, at which point I was getting peckish.

I then found myself in the tragically undignified position of rifling through my friend’s kitchen bin to find the crisp packets so I could check the ingredients. Unsurprisingly, they were not gluten free, so I sat back down and poured another glass of wine…

One thought on “Things that would only happen to a coeliac: #1

  1. I’ve taken to eating before we go out to friends or to meet up somewhere just in case. I’m also not above taking a hamper of goodies in my car boot for that “ooh I just remembered I forgot to take that shopping bag out” moments when you start to doubt they’ll ever bring the subject of food up.

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