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A few minutes of fame – Radio 4 You and Yours

I was really excited to be invited onto Radio 4’s You and Yours consumer affairs programme today to talk to Winifred Robinson about the cost of living crisis and being a coeliac. The increasing cost of food in general is a worry for many people, and if you add to that the high price of sticking to the gluten free diet, it’s becoming very difficult for a lot of people.

If you fancy a listen, the item starts at around 24 minutes into the programme and lasts for under ten minutes.

You and Yours – Another Green ‘Failure’, French Anti Waste Laws and Pub Closures – BBC Sounds

Another green home scheme branded a failure – what’s gone wrong?

So it’s been quite fun. I received a call last week from producer Kevin, who thankfully gave me a good briefing on the questions so I was able to prepare. We had to do a sound check in the morning to make sure my line was ok, and then I waited for the phone to ring at 12.15. It’s quite amazing how the presenter chops and changes from one interview to the next and people are being patched in behind the scenes. Ten minutes later and it’s all over, and back to work with a cuppa.

Autographs later…

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