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Baker’s Chippy, Bradway

The long-awaited new Baker’s Chippy in Bradway is o-fish-ially* now open! This is a new venture by Jack and Stacey Baker who run The Castle Inn, just down the road. They have excellent gluten free options at the new chippy as well as the pub.

The strapline on the website is “Not your usual chippy” and that’s definitely right. They do have plain old fish and chips, of course, but they also serve lots of other options, such as monkfish bites, seafood rissoles, battered halloumi, lobster thermidor, mussels and tempura sea bass with katsu sauce. Plenty to choose from there, and there’s a separate fryer for the gluten free food.

The plaice* had only been open for a few days when we visited, so the queue reached out of the door, but they were well organised, with servers collecting orders e-fish-iently* as people arrived. You can also eat in, although you might be lucky if it continues to be as busy as when we went, because you can’t book a table in advance.

We decided to order an assortment of battered items with chips, so we had two large cod, a seafood rissole and battered halloumi, with a couple of large portions of chips. (I did fancy the monkfish bites, but they were already sold out.) This was tonnes for two adults and two teenagers, and when we’d fin-ished* we had enough for chip butties the day after. Our order was served in cardboard takeaway boxes, rather than the usual paper wrapping, so it’s great that they have a process to ensure cross contamination is avoided.

The batter on the fish was absolutely brilliant and undoubtedly the best GF chippy batter I’ve had – I genuinely thought it wasn’t gluten free and I actually went back in with a photo to check!

The rissole was really flavoursome and we all liked the battered halloumi. I tried the katsu sauce, which was lovely, but you can’t beat chip shop gravy so I’ll be having that next time, as I’ve just seen on the menu that it’s also gluten free. My family think I’m nuts for having gravy with my fish and chips, but I don’t sea* what’s wrong with it. I don’t put it on the fish though – ketchup or tartar only, of course.

So, it probably won’t be long until we go back, and I can’t wait.

* Apols. I will never do this again.

Baker’s Chippy
302 Twentywell Lane, Bradway, Sheffield S17 4QH

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