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Magpie’s Secret

Very occasionally, Steeliac gets me a treat. I’ve had the odd free meal when a new gluten free menu has been launched or trialled, but 99% of what’s on the blog is just my own experience as a consumer. However, this week, a pleasant surprise dropped into my inbox, from Rosie at Magpie’s Secret, asking if I wanted to try out her cupcakes. Obviously, being keen to support local gluten free business, it didn’t take me long to say yes. And a couple of days later, these vanilla and chocolate beauties turned up.

Rosie is a specialist gluten free baker based in Sheffield. Her main focus is to make gluten free cakes and treats just as exciting and fun as regular ones. She’s a big foodie and gets really annoyed at having to expect lower quality treats due to being on a gluten free diet, so she’s taken matters into her own hands.

We dived into the cupcakes after our tea – always best as fresh as possible – and they were every bit as good as they look. The sponge was remarkably soft and there was just the right amount of frosting (for me! – I reckon the kids could take more.)

The cupcakes can be found in the Gallery page on Rosie’s website. They start at £30 per dozen, and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours. Also in the gallery are some rather delicious looking brownies (£20 for 9, also vegan) and a couple of celebration cakes.

Magpie’s Secret also currently sells hot chocolate in a variety of flavours (including Irish cream, raspberry, caramel and peppermint) and two types of cookie: chewy chocolate chip and zesty lemon. I like the sound of the lemon cookies! Everything on there is gluten free and most things can be dairy free or vegan as well.

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