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The Brook

Hi, SteelyMcSteel here, and for my third post, I would like to recommend The Brook. It is a perfect option for a good brunch or breakfast out on the town. Their wonderful food along with their snazzy Sheffield themed art makes for a very cosy and comfortable aesthetic. They have a good range of gluten free food options including breakfast fry-ups and omelettes. 

I went on a friend’s birthday during the summer holidays, this meant that there were few other customers. However, you can take away meals when all the seats are taken. 

When I went, I had mushrooms on toast. It had a large slice with a delicious sauce which was a perfect balance of garlic and cream.  

When we go back, I would like to try one of their omelettes, because my friend had one and it just looked perfect. 

I was unable to have any of the last minute birthday cake, so I had to have some cake from the café! There is a choice of carrot or coffee cake, and oh boy is their carrot cake good. 

You can enjoy them for yourself at 989 Abbeydale road, or you can visit their Facebook (@thebrookmillhouses) or their website at 

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