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Wagamama’s new menu

August marked our first meal out in Sheffield in quite a while. We’ve hardly been into the city, but as a gift we had been booked on a CluedUp mystery game, where you have to solve a mystery by interrogating virtual suspects in various geolocations around Sheffield. It was a fun way to spend some time, although we were all glued to our screens for most of it!

During the game, we dropped into Wagamama in Leopold Square for a late lunch, as I had seen they’ve expanded their gluten free menu (choose the ‘non gluten’ section on their menu page.

Whilst not the most extensive gluten free offering, Wagamama do put some effort into allergens, with a separate menu for gluten free (and one for vegan) and all allergen orders taken by a manager. So it’s quite a reassuring place to eat.

We shared some salted edamame, and SteelyMcSteel and I shared some prawn kushiyaki as a starter (or side dish, as they come from the kitchen in any order).

For mains, I had a ‘Shiok’ chicken, which is chicken marinated in turmeric, garlic and ginger on coconut and lemongrass dressed rice. It’s served with a tangy pickled slaw, radish, lime and coriander. It was dry rather than saucy, but wonderfully fresh flavours. And there are no filters on the photo – it really was that colourful.

I washed it down with a fun looking can of East By East cider, made from supermarket surplus apples – what a great idea!

SteelyMcSteel had a mahoosive bowl of chicken ramen. It was actually so big it defeated him. And it would have fed us both, to be fair.

Despite not really having room, I decided to try the new GF dessert, a flourless chocolate orange cake with miso caramel ice cream. It was lovely but it certainly wasn’t light! A very chocolatey torte, rather than a cake. The strong chocolate drowned out the delicate miso flavour of the ice cream a little, but it was nice to try something with some imagination.

I’d certainly say Wagamama was going in the right direction.

2 Leopold Square, Sheffield S1 2JG

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