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Garlic bread!

We love a bit of garlic bread with lasagne. And I’ve found that the Schar ciabatta rolls make perfect individual sized portions. Which is great in our family as it means the kids can’t snaffle it all before I get to the table.

I think the best way to make garlic butter so it doesn’t taste raw is to bake a few garlic cloves in their skins for a about ten minutes minutes at 180C. They don’t take long to cook through, just until they are soft and before they explode (!) like one of mine did. I’ve read that you can cook them in a foil pouch, which would take more like 40 mins but is much lower risk.

Once cool enough to handle, chop the end off the clove and squeeze out the soft garlic. Then mash them with a pestle and mortar into some soft butter with a sprinkling of Italian herbs. 

Slice down into the rolls but without cutting all the way through – five cuts in each roll gave six decent sized pieces. Then spread a generous amount of the garlic butter in each.

Schar’s instructions suggest baking the rolls at 180C for 5-7 minutes, but I cooked them a bit longer to give a bit of crunch.

Most supermarkets sell gluten free lasagne sheets, which I use with a home-made bolognese sauce and a simple bechemel sauce, and plenty of parmesan on the top. I make that using a butter and gluten free plain flour roux, milk and a bay leaf.  I like to hide a bit of finely grated carrot and courgette in the bolognese, to sneak in a bit of extra veg to the meal – nobody’s ever noticed. 🙂

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