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Little Moons ice cream mochi balls

I discovered a new favourite treat that I wanted to share. These ice cream mochi balls by Little Moons are VERY good indeed.

For those not in the know, mochi balls are a Japanese dessert. They consist of balls of ice cream (or other confectionary) wrapped in a layer of soft, pounded, sticky rice cake (that’s the mochi part). It’s difficult to describe it and make it sound good, but it’s slightly sweet and gives the ice cream ball a bit of chew. It’s also the perfect consistency for all those lovely sesame seeds to cling to.

I really love sesame ice cream but it’s quite unusual so I was very excited to find these. They are just the right size for a little sweet treat, although I had to be very restrained not to eat all 6 at once!

They come in a variety of other flavours that I haven’t tried, all of which are gluten free (mango, vanilla, matcha green tea, raspberry and coconut). But then I’m more than happy with the sesame.

Little Moons are available from Ocado, but I found them in the freezer section of Waitrose.


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