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Cello Coffee House, Greenhill


Any establishment with a coeliac chef or owner has to be a destination for me. I’ve been trying to get to Cello Coffee House for a couple of months now, and I had my opportunity on Monday morning. There’s nothing quite like the guilty pleasure of a catch up with friends after the chaos of school drop off, when I’m not at work.

I’ve never really been to Greenhill, but it strikes me as having a great little community centre with a variety of independent shops. Not long after we sat down, the cafe was completely full and buzzing, so it had a great atmosphere. We were lucky to get a table!

As the owner, Chris, is coeliac, he’s gone to a fair bit of effort to ensure there’s plenty of gluten free food on offer, which is great. There are plenty of home made cakes including some gluten free, and a variety of brunch and lunch options.

Despite being informed about the freshly-baked, gluten free Creme Egg cheesecake, I felt it was a bit too early for cake, so I ordered a bacon butty with tomato and a coffee. The gluten free bread is from the bakery at Archer Road Sainsburys, so it was really soft and importantly, didn’t fall apart!

Chris told me he’s having a bit of a refresh in a couple of weeks, so I’ll have to go back and check out the updated menus and decor…

Cello Coffee House, 212 Bocking Lane S8 7BP

2 thoughts on “Cello Coffee House, Greenhill

  1. i go there regularly… a treat after visiting the dentist opposite.. They are helpful and the gluten free offerings are lovely… (they do take out cakes too… big portions)

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