Eating in / Gluten free / Product review

Newburn Bakehouse wraps 

I’ve said previously that I think Newburn Bakehouse (by Warburtons) are shaking up the gluten free bread market with some products that are way superior to what was already on the market. I think the little sandwich thins are excellent as the bread to filling ratio is much better than an inevitably dry textured gluten free bread roll.

I am also a fan of the wraps, which now also come in mini form. These have a pleasing, slightly sweet taste and roll up fairly well. You can’t generally fold the bottom up without them cracking, but overall, they make a very decent wrap.

They also have a great secondary use, these wraps. I frequently cut them into small slices and grill them for a few minutes on each side until they go a bit crispy and slightly curled, then they make really good dippers for all sorts of things. You have to be careful not to let them go too brown though, as they burn easily.

Cut into triangles, they have given boring old egg and beans (one of my super-quick after school teas) a new lease of life as… egg and beans with crispy sails!

There’s just something about standing food on its end that makes it more fun, and seems to have transformed a meal that used to get a groan into one that gets a cheer, which is nice.

They’re also great with hummous or other dips and soft pates, particularly when you don’t want something too salty. To be honest, you can dip them in anything. I think we once made really thin ones to be dipped in soft boiled eggs, and I’ve even used them to make quick mini pizzas instead of using a regular base. Very versatile!


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