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The Cabin: cafe review

***5th October update: Somebody has commented that this cafe is not employing adequate cross contamination controls, so please use your own judgement about its suitability. My mum and I have both eaten there on separate occasions without becoming ill, but I’m going to get in touch with them to find out about their procedures. Watch this space…***

I was tipped off on Twitter this week about a brand new independent cafe in Sheffield centre, that serves gluten free waffles and pancakes! As I was in town on Saturday, I took the opportunity to test it out with the family. The cafe is called The Cabin and it’s on Fitzwilliam Street just off the Moor. It used to be a rather drab coffee shop and it’s been completely transformed into a welcoming and fun place. The decor is fun, with stained wooden cladding, hand made tables and lots of bears and moose (including a life size bear near the entrance that you can give a hug to!)

The menu is fairly simple, with the main offering being regular or gluten free waffles and pancakes, with a variety of toppings – brunch, sweet and savoury. They also do bagels, but didn’t have any gluten free ones today.

The food arrived more quickly than I expected despite the cafe only having been open a couple of weeks, and it being fairly busy. Hubby and I went halves on a Mexican chicken waffle and a waffle with bacon, brie and chilli jam.  The Mexican chicken one came with strips of spiced chicken, and dollops of salsa, guacamole and sour cream. The boys had pancakes with bacon, egg and maple syrup. We all ate gluten free so we could share, and for once, I didn’t feel like I’d inflicted inferior gluten free food on everybody. The waffles and pancakes were super soft and clearly freshly made. This is seriously good comfort food.

While we were there, we witnessed a young, skinny guy take on the Pikes Peak Pancake Challenge, where you have to try to eat a huge stack of 12 pancakes with toppings in about 20 minutes. The reward is to get yourself on the wall of fame, as well as probably stomach ache. But a challenge is a challenge! The guy was gutted not to complete all twelve, and blamed it on the Nutella, which apparently made it all a bit too much. His recommendation for toppings, should you wish to embark on this, is fruit.

img_4581For pudding, the boys shared a waffle with Nutella, which we were pleased to discover is also gluten free. Happy days!

I was really pleased to read on their menu, that their coffee is ethically sourced, take-away packaging is eco friendly and they use local producers such as Sheffield favourite Our Cow Molly. They also sell some gifts and cards, and some deli foods including maple balsamic and maple mustard.

I highly recommend this place. I can see me thinking up lots of excuses to pop into town so we can pay a sneaky visit here. And that will keep everybody happy, as the boys think it is the best cafe ever.

The Cabin, 20-24 Fitzwilliam Gate, Sheffield S1 4JH



2 thoughts on “The Cabin: cafe review

  1. Hi there. We just went there for lunch and were told that they can’t guarantee gf so no good for coeliacs. While they use a gf mix, clean mixing bowl etc., they said they don’t wash the cooking plates between gf and non gf, just scrape them. We were really disappointed as were looking forward to it based on your recommendation!


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