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Yakumama at Deer Shed Festival

Festival food can be a bit nerve-wracking but we’ve been coming to Deer Shed for the last few years and recently the offer has been getting better and better. 

I wanted to share today’s beautiful lunch courtesy of Yakumama, a South American food stall that’s pretty much completely gluten free. BBQ chicken tacos with Caribbean slaw and smokey lime mayo. And it came with some fabulously crispy pieces of chicken skin and a decoration of pretty, edible flowers. The tacos, I’m reassured, are made using cornflour. Very impressive and tasted fab! 

It was also served in sensibly shaped and eco-friendly packaging, which I liked. All good. 

We love coming to Deer Shed. We’re off to do some soldering in the science tent with the boys before we chill out to the afternoon music offering – Rae Morris, Steve Mason and Richard Hawley. 

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