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Splash Landings!

This week the boys officially started their school holidays with a couple of inset days so we took them to the awesome water park at Alton Towers with some friends. We all had loads of fun on the big water slides and the lazy river, and were very lucky with the glorious sunshine, so we could use the outdoor pools and pretend we were in the south of France. But as ever, it’s one of those places where you never quite know whether you will get something decent to eat…

I took a few nibbles just in case, but I was pleasantly surprised that the cafe inside the water park had an allergen menu to hand, and  I could get a jacket potato with pulled pork, or various other toppings, for about a fiver. The others had burgers and hotdogs but they were able to make us (very quickly, I might add) some gluten free fries to go with them, so I could pinch a couple. (Yes, jacket potato and fries, I know.)

If you want something a bit less junk foody, you’d have to take your own and smuggle it in. You’re not really supposed to take your own food in, but we definitely saw people with picnics.

So, obviously this is a bit out of my patch, but I thought it was worth knowing about for family trips. The boys can’t wait to go back!

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