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Product review: Booja Booja chocolate truffles

Where do I start with these beauties? Gluten free uber indulgence. Frankly, I’m sort of glad they’re gluten free, so we can keep them to ourselves.

I think my mum discovered Booja Booja about nine months ago. We were visiting one weekend and she produced a very small box of ginger truffles. They were perfection. Soft, rich, dark and delicious.

I try not to go crazy with refined sugar, but sometimes a treat is necessary – and I’m usually a 70% dark Green and Black‘s kind of girl. But for an extra special indulgence, Booja Booja truffles are what you need.

Father Christmas very kindly brought me a big box of truffles, which contained an assortment of ginger, rum sozzled sultana, champagne and espresso truffles. I managed to spin them out for a few weeks, and in the process, I have concluded that far and away the best are the espresso and the ginger ones.

So last week, to cheer up what was rather a gloomy January, I snuck a small box of Around Midnight Espresso into the virtual shopping trolley, to enjoy over the weekend. I love them. I love the bitter cocoa on the outside and I love the sweet, dark truffle inside.

Obviously, they have now gone, but I remembered to take one of my rather fine photos* before recycling the box. And I did at least share them. 🙂


*yes, I’m being sarcastic


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