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The great Sheffield gluten free experiment

Before Christmas, I was promoting a BBC show being recorded in Sheffield, as they were looking for participants to take part in a gluten free trial. Very intriguing.

The trial has been done now, and I’ll be interested to see the show… However, I recently heard, from a friend who took part in the trial, that one of the participants is Sheffield food blogger, Nibbly Pig. <waves hello!>

So I just popped over to Nibbly Pig’s site to read about her experiences of two weeks on a gluten free diet. I’m glad to hear it went well and Nibbly, or rather Ros, found the diet a stimulus to eat less bread and put some new things on her menu. And it’s great that she found it easy to find gluten free food out and about in Sheffield.

Unsurprisingly of course, she found the food more expensive, needed more planning, and generally a bit of a faff. No news there then. 🙂

The experiment involved the participants eating completely gluten free diets for a fortnight, but everybody had to also eat a sachet of powder every day. Half of the  participants’ sachets contained gluten and half didn’t, and I don’t know if the guinea pigs have yet been told which sachets they had.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results on the programme later in the year. I think it’s called Shop Cook Eat Smart – watch out for it.


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