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Product review: Seriously amazing cake

IMG_2555I don’t tend to buy much gluten free cake mix or indeed really make cakes very often, as my skin is still quite sensitive to sugar. Mind you, it’s got a lot less sensitive the longer I’ve been gluten and sugar free(-ish), so things are starting to look up.

However, I was at a kids’ birthday party this week and the mum (bless her cotton socks) had gone to the trouble of making a cake for the mums as well as a party cake for the children. And because I was there, she’d gone to the additional trouble of making it gluten free. Cue guilt mixed with sincere appreciation but also obligation to eat a large slice.

Well my goodness, never mind it being the best gluten free chocolate sponge I’ve ever been given, it was probably the best chocolate sponge cake I’ve tried regardless of gluten. It really was that good.

IMG_2553It was light, moist, soft and actually had the texture of CAKE, properties which aren’t always guaranteed with a gluten free sponge cake. All this and it didn’t even have a filling. I can’t praise it highly enough. It was also still slightly warm from the oven, which was lovely, and had a thin drizzle of icing on the top that had dripped down the side.

It was so good, my friend retrieved the box from her recycling bin so I could have a look at it, hence the not-so-great photo. Unfortunately, I didn’t get chance to read the packet for the instructions or ingredients, so all that remains a mystery for now.

But Amisa – well done indeed!

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