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Old El Paso GF Fajitas

I was very excited to try the new gluten free fajita dinner kit by Old El Paso. This used to be a bit of a treat before I was coeliac, and ever since it’s always been a bit dissatisfying trying to use a gluten free wrap in place of the tortillas. They are generally a bit too filling, as they are quite thick and / or they split and leak when folded up.

So it’s great that you can now buy not only the GF dinner kit, but also the 100% corn wraps, which are available in the regular aisle of the supermarket with the other Mexican items. (Sainsbury’s, Archer Road in my case)

I also bought one of the super mild kits, so the kids could have a mild chicken fajita, whilst the adults had the spicier version with a combination of chicken and steak. The spice sachets seem to be the same as the normal kits, so everything tastes the same. And we had a variety of toppings: avocado, salsa, lettuce, cheese, black beans and sour cream.

I thought the gluten free corn tortillas were very good. They’re a bit smaller than the regular ones, but almost as soft, and did the job very well. We’ll definitely get this again – it’s a great, quick Friday night meal.



4 thoughts on “Old El Paso GF Fajitas

    • No, I’m not, thankfully. Regular oats are often cross contaminated with gluten due to the processing, but I’m fine with gluten free oats. There are a small proportion of coeliacs who don’t get on with oats at all though.


      • Ah, ok. Well, gluten is is a plant protein found in wheat, barley and rye. It’s also the stuff that gives bread it’s texture unfortunately, which is why gluten free substitutes are generally harder to make.

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