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Steeliac community?

You might have noticed I’ve been filling a bit with recipes over the last few weeks. Well, that’s January for you – I haven’t been out to eat much! Hoping to get around a bit more in February, as it contains my birthday, so I have a perfect excuse.

However, it’s got me thinking about the idea of getting some other reviews from local people on the site. This would help share some of the places I haven’t discovered, or got round to reviewing. The reviews are a bit biased towards the centre and the west side of Sheffield at the moment, but I’m sure there are plenty of other places.

There’s no payment, I’m afraid, as the site doesn’t make money, but I can offer you a warm, fuzzy feeling from having passed on your experiences to other local coeliacs and done your bit to support local gluten free goldmines. It’s completely commitment free, of course. I’d be pleased to post one review or as many as you can write.

My policy for publishing is that I only tend to post about positive experiences i.e. places to recommend. If I have a bad experience, I usually tell the establishment and explain why it matters, but I don’t want to get in to criticising places. I’m not about negativity. (If somewhere used to be coeliac friendly but now isn’t, that’s ok to post).

If you fancy joining in, please contact me on Twitter, Facebook or drop me a line by email or in the comments.

Email: say hello @ steeliac . com (no spaces, of course)
Twitter: @steeliac
Facebook: /Steeliac


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