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Restaurant review: Bill’s

I went out with a group of friends for a Christmas meal last week. I’d heard Bill’s restaurant in the city centre has a good reputation for GF so I was keen to try it.

I was quite impressed with their group booking system, where all the attendees can log on to the website, pay a deposit and choose their meal. So much less hassle than having to round up everyone’s money and order!

My experience in the restaurant was also good. The place has a trendy, industrial feel to it. The serving staff were on the ball about gluten free food and my meal was great. My Christmas menu started with some lovely big olives and garlic toast (the regular menu item is a flatbread). Then I had duck and fig terrine for starters (more toast!)

My main course was roast cod, which came with curried lentils and a fennel salad (as well as a very big piece of lemon!) – this was quite different and a nice variety of textures.

I chose a cheese board for pudding, which was a fairly generous portion with some oatcakes and walnuts, as well as a dish of fruit compote. The cheeses were Camembert, Cheddar and Oxford blue. All very nice.

The allergen menu is available on the website, although there is a slightly disappointing disclaimer on the front of it. They want people to feel reassured they will look after our needs, but can’t guarantee a 100% free environment. Having not spotted that before I went, I was quite happy with their attitude to catering for coeliac’s disease.  It would be great if they could take the next step and get Coeliac UK accreditation, so we could have a bit more confidence.

Bill’s, 2 St Paul’s Place, 127 Norfolk Street, Sheffield S1 2JF

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