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Gluten Free Pint

There’s an ace new blog on the block, run by Sheffielder @glutenfreepint. GFP is selflessly researching all the gluten free beers found in Sheffield to create a guide for nights out. Have a look at the neat website, Not being a beer drinker (gin and wine for me), I have never been able to fulfil this niche, so I’m really pleased this is being done. Sheffield is going to have one of the best documented gluten free offers in the country!

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.21.27

Getting into the festive spirit, GFP has recently launched a blog to count down “Twelve Gluten Free beers of Christmas”. The aim is to promote the best gluten free beers and where to find them in Sheffield. You can follow this on Twitter by seeking out  @glutenfreepint or use the hashtag .

Today is Day 6, and the beer of choice is Vagabond by craft beer maker, Brewdog:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.46.05.png

Other beers featured in the last week include Sheffield company Brew Foundation’s Free Beer and another local, Against The Grain by Wold Top, a brewery based outside Driffield in East Yorkshire.

The website has what looks like a comprehensive list of local pubs and the beers they have available. GFP tells me The Devonshire Cat and Sheffield Tap have the most choice, so are well worth a visit, with Kelham Island’s Bar Stewards in third place. Also, all Thornbridge and True North pubs have the Manchester beer First Chop, which comes in rather funky looking bottles. I had no idea there were so many options!

Just a note that most of the beers mentioned on GlutenFreePint are bottles with a gluten content of less than 20ppm as per the law on gluten free labelling, but there are a few available on cask. Coeliacs need to be really careful about cross contamination of gluten free beer that isn’t on a dedicated gluten free line, so you would need to ask about this. Apparently, the Dev Cat has a dedicated GF cask and keg line, but if you’re not sure, stick to the bottles.


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